worship services are on Sundays at 10:00am (Except Last Sunday of the month)

SOCIALS are key!

We are confident that lives are enriched and changed through close and real relationships.  Therefore, we encourage all people in Converge to regularly host Socials.  These are exactly what they sound like.  A social and fun gathering where people can hangout and get to know each other.  We think it's important to invite all of our circles together to get to know one another. It's difficult and tiring to keep everything separated like faith, work, neighbors, family members, etc. When you host a Social, you invite all of those people together and watch new and deeper friendships form.

Maybe you are new to Converge and looking for a social to get to know some others.  Not all of them are posted on our website, because they are private events.  However, we do host several for new and newer people.  Check out our events page for current Hangouts.


Pastor Mitch and his wife Mackenzie really believe in this relational philosophy.  Therefore, they are regularly hosting people, so they can get to know them better.  Many of these are scheduled and located on our event page, but you can always contact Pastor Mitch and he would love to set something up with you!

EMAIL Pastor mitch TODAY


This is one of our regular Hangouts and a great time if you want to get to know Converge Community!  It's a great time to come if you are new, or if want to bring friends who may not want to join you for worship.  Each Sunday immediately following the worship experience, we head to Presidential Brewing or a local restaurant for lunch (~11:45am).  The owners of Presidential Brewing are Converge leaders and even give us a discount too!


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